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The Los Amigos Fishing Tournament was established in 1998. The idea came about when a group of Pace High School friends often found themselves fishing in the Florida Keys. Every time we saw each other in the Keys we talked about having a fishing tournament where we would all contribute money into a pot and the boat that caught the biggest fish would win the tournament. Well 1998 it finally became a reality when we gathered together and had our first fishing tournament. That year only three boats participated in the tournament, Rey Jimenez, Cesar San Pedro with Willy Arce and Ricky Fernandez (with Alex Ferradas). Rey Jimenez claims that he won that year although none of the other captains saw his winning fish.

In 1999 we stepped it up a notch and rented facilities at the Holiday Inn in Key Largo. That year we had a total of 13 boats. Official Los Amigos t-shirts and hats where made and trophies were awarded to the top three captains. By 2003 the tournament had grown to over 30 boats and 150 anglers. That year we decided to downsize the tournament and make it a private tournament where only true close friends would be invited.

The name of the tournament truly says everything it is about. The idea of the tournament was always founded on good friends getting together to enjoy a weekend of fishing and to spend quality time with friends you do not see often. Today our tournament has about 25 boats and over 100 anglers.

This year we will be celebrating our 17th year anniversary. Unbelievable how time goes by but we are all looking forward to enjoying our 18th year together in Islamorada, Florida.

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